5 Best Business Bank Accounts for Amazon FBA Sellers [Ranked]

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Can’t keep track of your most recent Amazon payment? It seems like you are using a personal checking account for your Amazon FBA business!

Using a personal bank account for your Amazon FBA business is like being stuck in a foreign country without a language translator device or a local guide. It’s just simply hard to keep up with your business cash flow.

If you find the above scenario relatable, then one thing is for sure – you need to shift to a dedicated business bank account for your Amazon FBA business!

Choosing a business bank account for your Amazon business can be quite challenging and there are a few factors you need to consider:


Business bank accounts often come with different fees, so be sure to compare and contrast the different fees each bank is offering. Some banks may have monthly fees, overdraft fees, or minimum balance requirements.

Transaction Limits

Business bank accounts usually have higher transaction limits than personal checking accounts. This means that you can make more frequent and larger deposits and withdrawals without having to worry about exceeding your account’s limit.

Ease of Use

Business bank accounts often come with business-specific features that make it easy for you to manage your finances, such as online banking, bill pay, and mobile banking.

In most instances, the business bank account you’re going to choose will not only be used for receiving payments from Amazon but may also be used to pay for your inventories, pay salaries, and other related costs of doing business. Regardless of the size of your operations today, you’re running a real business here; so don’t think of yourself simply as an “Amazon seller”.

We have shortlisted the best business bank accounts for Amazon FBA sellers to make this decision easy for you. We will also discuss the features of these banks and the pricing policies, so you don’t have to skim through tons of web pages looking for complete information.

So, put your blue light glasses on and start reading!

A good business bank accounts for Amazon sellers is one that makes tracking their FBA company expenses and revenues simpler. Furthermore, a good business account for a small to medium scale business saves time and money performing annual self-assessment. It creates a credit history for businesses and aids in ensuring that the businessmen are reinvesting profits as they continue with their internet selling journey. In short, a corporate bank account makes it easier for sellers to manage their business.

Here are our top recommendations on the best business bank accounts for Amazon FBA sellers:

Wise business accountis perfect for international entrepreneurs who receive payment and pay for purchases using multi-currencies as you can carry multiple currencies in one platform. Wise is specially designed for entrepreneurs with global operations and is used to working with eCommerce sellers.

Chase business checking account – is best for US-based Amazon FBA sellers who are looking for an affordable alternative from traditional business accounts.

Payoneer business accountis best for international sellers who may want to receive their payments in their local currency at a preferred exchange rate.

Mercury business account – is an online banking solution offered by Evolve bank for tech startups. It offers both business checking and savings accounts on one platform and banking is free as long as you maintain a minimum amount of deposit.

LMCU business account – offers low-cost banking to both small and large enterprises. While not free, LMCU offers several types of business accounts depending on your operations and your business needs.

1. Wise Business Bank Account

wise amazon business account

Wise, previously known as Transferwise, is a multi-currency business bank account that allows online companies to pay global suppliers and receive funds via Stripe, eBay, Amazon, and other platforms.

It is a great platform for eCommerce sellers operating their business around the world. You can use your Wise Business Account to accept money from various online marketplaces without having to convert it.

The wise business account offers a variety of services to their customers. This includes invoice customers, batch payments, low-cost transfers, and QuickBooks and Xero connectivity to save on manual admin.

Top Features

Wise Business Account holders get a Business Master Card linked to various currency accounts. There is no hidden fee on this facility.

Customers can accept and retain more than 55 currencies in their accounts.

Setting up an account does not necessitate having a physical address in the country. Customers can open a local business account on Wise in minutes.

With the Wise card, customers can get free ATM withdrawals up to £200 (or its equivalent in other currencies) anywhere globally.

Wise Business Account comes with a Multi-User Access tool that allows account holders to invite team members to join your Wise business account. Account-holders can grant their team members different levels of access or roles, including admin, viewer, preparer, employee, and payer.

Wise is less expensive than going to a bank or even using PayPal. Account-holders can pay foreign invoices, vendors, and workers in over 80 countries and 50 different currencies with the real exchange rate.

Account-holders can pay up to 1,000 persons at one click by uploading a spreadsheet with details for each payment.


The pricing policy on Wise Business Account is much lenient than conventional bank fees. Creating a business account on Wise is free of cost. Currency transfer entails a nominal fee; costs of sending and converting payments will vary depending on the currencies you use.

Bottom Line

Wise is the best business bank account for payments and international money transfer service if your company deals with foreign partners and clients or has remote staff in different countries.

It stands out from other similar bank accounts because of its transparency, simple onboarding process, and inexpensive costs. Once you submit your completed application form, your account will be set up within 2-3 business days.

2. Chase Business Bank Account

chase bank logo

US-based entrepreneurs searching for a low-cost and flexible small business banking solution for their Amazon FBA business should try Chase’s business bank account. Chase offers numerous features to support small, medium, and big businesses, with three alternatives to pick from.

Each of the three variants of its business accounts has different features and pricing policies. But some features remain the same irrespective of the account type. For example, electronic transactions are limitless in every Chase Business account. However, teller and paper transaction limits differ. All the Chase business checking accounts come with a Debit Card facility with a daily cap of $10,000.

Top Features

Each of the three accounts comes with a debit card with chip technology and a unique PIN code. Business owners can issue debit cards for their employees and impose daily restrictions on those cards.

Business owners can make payments online and monitor their account activity through the Chase Mobile Banking app.

Chase Business Checking Accounts offer a monthly service fee waiver to those customers who also maintain a business savings account with Chase.

Regardless of the account they pick, customers get access to 16,000 in-network ATMs and more than 4,700 branches.

Chase QuickAccept allows business owners to accept and deposit payments made using chip readers or manually entering card information into the Chase mobile app.

Chase also offers account-specific perks to customers depending on the nature of the business account they choose for their Amazon business:

Chase Business Complete Banking: Unlimited electronic transactions; 20 teller/paper transactions; $5,000 in fee-free cash deposits

Chase Performance Business Checking: Unlimited electronic transactions; 250 teller/paper transactions; $20,000 in fee-free cash deposits

Chase Platinum Business Checking: Unlimited electronic transactions; 500 teller/paper transactions; $25,000 in fee-free cash deposits

Chase Business Checking Account offers customers the ultimate protection with real-time monitoring, real-time alerts and notifications, and free-of-cost protection.


Chase offers three pricing plans for its Business Checking Account:

Chase Business Complete Banking monthly maintenance fee: $15

Chase Performance Business Checking monthly maintenance fee: $30

Chase Platinum Business Checking monthly maintenance fee: $95

Bottom Line

The three Chase business checking accounts are designed for businesses of various sizes and offer limitless digital transactions.

Because you can manage your account from your phone and get several debit cards for owners and employees, the Chase Business Complete Banking account is the best of the three. This account also comes with Chase QuickAccept, particularly useful for businesses and business owners who accept payments outside of a physical location.

Chase Performance Business and Chase Platinum Business are the next two Chase Business checking accounts geared for firms that handle more cash, checks, and online transactions per month.

3. Payoneer Business Bank Account

payoneer logo

Payoneer is a registered electronic money service that offers Amazon FBA sellers a smart solution for billing and getting paid. It provides E-business owners with the flexibility of avoiding issues that come with operating conventional business accounts. It offers all the services you would get by maintaining a traditional business account, only digitalized and more efficient.

Even though a Payoneer account does not offer interest on your funds, it does allow you to send and receive payments in 150 currencies for a nominal fee. A Payoneer business account also comes with a unique account number, sort code, and debit card.

Top Features

Customers can transfer funds from their Payoneer business accounts to their local bank accounts without incurring hefty currency conversion fees.

International sellers can open a Payoneer business account instead of a US bank account to sell on Amazon. It is easier to set up an account on Payoneer’s platform than a conventional bank.

Accounts set up takes a few minutes; the procedure is online, and the accounts are activated on the same day.

Payoneer offers its account holders the facility of linking the accounts of all your global eCommerce businesses and monitoring their payment activity in one place.

Customers can set up automatic payment methods to make regular recurring payments to contractors or employees with Payoneer business accounts.

Customers can use their Payoneer funds to make online and in-store purchases and withdraw funds at the ATM.

Payoneer’s exchange rates are based on wholesale currency market prices acquired from various financial institutions at the time of transaction.


It’s completely free to set up a Payoneer business account. However, there are some charges that the platform levies on withdrawing and transferring funds.

If you want to transfer your funds into a local account in USD, Payoneer levies a fee of 0-1 percent, depending on the country. In addition, if you want to withdraw money in the same currency, you’ll have to pay a flat cost of $1.50. Withdrawing money in a different currency can cost up to 2% of the amount you wish to withdraw – this percentage depends on the currency.

Other than that, there are no hidden charges or even an annual fee providing your account is active. But if you do not make a transaction in your account for one year, Payoneer will charge a fixed fee of $29.95.

Bottom Line

The Payoneer business account is perfect for people who want a more efficient funds transfer than their existing banks. The process of fund transfer is also extremely simple. Payoneer transfers the amount to your account within 2 to 5 business days, depending on whether you want to transfer locally or internationally.

However, the number of daily transactions you can make with Payoneer is limited. So, you will need to analyze your business needs before opening an account fully.

4- Mercury Business Bank Account

mercury bank logo

Mercury is a free online banking platform for startups and technology-based businesses that comprises a business checking account and a business savings account. It is not a bank rather a banking service offered by the Evolve Bank and Trust.

Mercury was created with entrepreneurs in mind, offering scalable, practical digital tools. Plus, every account comes with read-write API access, allowing you to customize your banking truly.

Additionally, for businesses with a balance of more than $250,000 in their accounts, Mercury offers an improved version of their platform called the Mercury Tea Room. Customers who upgrade their business accounts to the Mercury Tea Room avail added features at zero cost.

Top Features

Mercury is a free-of-cost banking platform with no limit on the minimum initial deposit. Amazon FBA sellers have to pay zero monthly fees and transaction fees.

Mercury’s business banking platform includes a business checking account and business savings account under a single platform.

Through the Allpoint network, account holders can withdraw money from over 55,000 fee-free ATMs.

Mercury makes advanced digital tools, like API access, available to customers to help them automate and personalize their banking.

Customers who have a balance of $250,000 in their accounts can enter the Mercury Tea Room and access additional benefits.

US residents and non-residents who have registered businesses in the US can open an account with Mercury to manage their payments.

Mercury also lets you connect your account to third-party accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal.

Customers who upgrade to the Mercury Tea Room get free domestic and international wires-free tea (inspired by Mercury’s workplace ethic of giving each other tea). They also get access to exclusive partner bonuses like two months of OpenPhone or one year of Rippling payroll.

Mercury Treasury, an automated cash management account, is available to Mercury Tea Room customers. Mercury Treasury allows you to earn interest by investing additional funds in US government securities and money market funds.


Mercury Business Account is a free service. There are no monthly charges, account setup is free, and wire transfer also entails zero cost.

Bottom Line

Mercury operates in a user-friendly manner. Whether you want to set up an account or transfer funds, this web-based financial platform does it all – and quite efficiently.

Business owners who want to save themselves the hassle of using the offline mode of banking will find every query answered and every function performed on Mercury’s banking platform. Moreover, the banking platform ensures the security of your funds and takes every precaution to prevent fraud.

However, unlike several of its online competitors, Mercury does not take cash deposits. The platform isn’t available to sole proprietors either.

5- LMCU Business Bank Account

LMCU offers a low-cost banking checking account feature for businessmen to make banking easier and more efficient. Whether you own a small business with simple needs or a large enterprise with complicated demands, an LMCU Business Checking Account will cost-effectively satisfy your Amazon FBA business banking needs.

The Lake Michigan Credit Union offers several types of business accounts to meet customers’ varying needs. All these accounts have competitive rates and offer a plethora of valuable features.

Top Features

LMCU offers a free mobile banking facility to its business account holders, irrespective of the nature of the account they open.

Apart from mobile banking, customers can also benefit from online banking facilities at LMCU.

Customers get free cash/coin deposits and withdrawals up to $20,000 each month.

Apart from these benefits, LMCU also offers some account-specific perks listed below as follows:

Basic Business Checking account: Customers get 25 free transactions/items every month.

Business Checking Account: Customers get 150 free transactions per month.

Business Plus Checking: Customers get 300 free transactions per month.

LMCU offers interest on this account when the daily account balance exceeds $2,500.


The pricing policy varies according to the account you are selecting for your Amazon FBA seller business.

For Basic Business Checking account: No monthly cost for maintenance

For Business Checking Account: $10 monthly fee

For Business Plus Checking: $20 monthly fee

Besides the monthly fee, account holders also have to pay additional charges when their transactions exceed the allowed limit. Following is LMCU’s pricing policy on transactions above the free-of-cost ones:

For Basic Business Checking account: $0.45ea on additional transactions above 25

For Business Checking Account: $0.40ea on additional transactions above 150

For Business Plus Checking: $0.35ea on additional transactions above 300

Bottom Line

The Lake Michigan Credit Union offers basic, uncomplicated, flexible, and easy-to-manage free non-interest bearing accounts to Amazon FBA sellers. The Basic Business Checking Account is perfect for small-scale business owners who don’t have to make frequent transactions because it is simple, straightforward, flexible, and easy to administer.

But depending on the scale of your transactions, you can select either the Business Checking Account or the Business Plus Checking Account – both of them offer valuable features at a low cost.

The Best Bank Account for Your Amazon FBA Business

Out of the five best business bank accounts for Amazon FBA sellers that we reviewed above, the best business bank account for your Amazon FBA business will depend on whether or not you’re operating from within or outside the United States.

If you’re selling in the states and you’re physically located in the US, you should open an account with a physical brick and mortar bank such as Chase or LMCU, both offer cost-effective business banking solutions to small business operations.

On the other hand, there are a lot of Amazon sellers who are physically located outside the US. If you belong to this group, you should definitely take a look at Wise as it allows you the same business banking convenience as a real business bank account, and receive your payments in your local currency.

While you can also use Payoneer, which is often used by Freelancers, Wise charges lower fees overall, which means – you can keep more of your money at the end of the day.

You can open a Wise account here.

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