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perfectionism - hurts your business

Perfectionism: How It Can Hurt Your Business

I have first registered tycoonmag.com, December of 2013 with the aim of creating a blog that makes money. Specifically, a magazine-style, online entrepreneurship blog to help other entrepreneurs start their own entrepreneurial journeys to success.

If you’ve been researching online businesses and been reading “how to build a successful blog” articles, you may be familiar with the many dos and don’ts of blogging.

Things like keyword-matched domain names, researching and dissecting your top 5 competitors on the Google search results for that specific keywords, and that you should write a better article than ones already written for that topic.

How much better?…

things rich people do

11 Things Rich People Do That the Poor and Middle Class Don’t

Ever asked anyone if they want to get rich?

I know I did and almost everyone I asked answers this question with a resounding and big “YES!” but did you know that only very few will actually get rich?

This is because most people don’t really want to get rich. Sure, they’d take the millions if it’s just handed to them but not a lot of people are willing to do what most people are willing to do.

Not too many people are willing to do what the rich do and continuously do to achieve such a high economic status.

And yes… most people are just too busy to get rich; if you searched for “things rich people do” and found this article, you may just be one of those who are going to if you continue on this journey regardless of all the roadblocks.… Read more...

What Health Is Wealth Truly Means

So I just got back from a month short outside of the country travel…

Unplanned and highly opposed by my wife, I hesitantly agreed to fly to the Philippines, Australia, Philippines and back to Canada in a month’s time to attend to important family matters. The most challenging part was the fact that when I left Australia, I had to fly to the Philippines first and take the next morning flight to Canada which I found quite stressful. So to make the long story short, these long and continuous flight times took a toll on my body.

I caught the flu when I arrived Australia mid November which developed into what my Doctor termed as an upper respiratory infection.… Read more...

How to Be Successful in Busines… and in Life

If you haven’t experience any sort of business success at this stage of your journey, you may be one of the many who asks Google, the question: “how to be successful in business”.

Having found this page, you’re in luck! and actually, in for a great treat as this article wasn’t written by a paid writer who earns his or her living writing articles for others with zero business experience but by someone who actually runs a business and has experienced some successes in his chosen field.

I have been successfully running my business in the last three years and in those three years; not once have I relied on a salary as I have, convincingly and happily left the 9 to 5 world in 2012 when I got laid of from a job 14 months after I migrated to Canada.… Read more...

What Is It That Do You Really Want In Life?

Ever heard of the saying… “Life is what you make of it”?

Well, I’m not sure if the quoted phrase above is indeed a saying or a quote; however, life is, specially yours… is what you make of it.

So the question is, what is it that you really want in life?

If you spend your life lingering on the sideways, weary of the what ifs and what might have been… chances are, you’re not satisfied. Not satisfied with where you are right now. Not satisfied with all the mistakes, misfortunes or devastations that you may have experienced in all those years that you’ve spent in this world.… Read more...

Public Speaking

How to “Man Up” Infront of A Crowd – A Definitive Guide to Developing Confidence in Public Speaking.

For new entrepreneurs, the thought of speaking infront of a crowd is rather nerve-wracking than exciting but public speaking or the capacity to do so is part of what makes an entrepreneur successful so you can’t just simply avoid it for one way or another, you will at some point speak in front of a crowd.

So, imagine yourself, sitting / or standing anxiously, waiting for your name to be called on the platform. If you’ve given speech to a crowd for twenty times or so, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but if this is your first one or if you only had a couple of speeches under your belt, you may already be nauseated even before your name is called.… Read more...

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