What Is It That Do You Really Want In Life?

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Ever heard of the saying… “Life is what you make of it”?

Well, I’m not sure if the quoted phrase above is indeed a saying or a quote; however, life is, specially yours… is what you make of it.

So the question is, what is it that you really want in life?

If you spend your life lingering on the sideways, weary of the what ifs and what might have been… chances are, you’re not satisfied. Not satisfied with where you are right now. Not satisfied with all the mistakes, misfortunes or devastations that you may have experienced in all those years that you’ve spent in this world.

Have you ever stopped… and asked yourself?

What is it that I really want in life?

If you only ask yourself seriously and contemplate deeply, you will find the answer to this question.

The problem is, most people who will discover the answer to this question may never take action to achieve their life goal. People tend to shy away from their deepest desires simply because it’s usually way out of their comfort zone.

Most of us are used to being in their own little zones of comforts. We fear failure. That’s the reason why most will never be successful.

The majority of us are nothing but mere “lip-servants”. We tell things to satisfy our egos but we never take action to surpass challenges that brings us closer to our life goals.

There is only one answer to the above question… that is your life goal.

If you’re spending most of your waking hours watching TV, scrolling your phone reading everyone else’s stories on social media, playing video games, or worse, sitting idly. You have to WAKE UP!

Time nowadays, is more important than ever. Never, in human history has time run so fast…

That only means one thing!

Stay productive as much as you can and stop wasting your time in things that will never bring you closer to that one thing that you really want in life.

Too many people would want to get rich; well, you don’t get rich by watching TV. That’s the truth my friend.

None of the world’s richest built their wealth simply by sitting at home or watching the TV.

If you’re curious why I seem to be furious with TV watching that’s because I did mentioned the damn thing multiple times in this article. Well, TV watching is the culprit! It is the enemy, the dream killer… so keep your kids away from TV and teach them the habits of the wealthy.

Wealthy people watch less than an hour of TV each day. Everyone else spend the rest of their lives following their favorite TV series, sports and the NEWS.

Watch the news everyday and the sky will fall on you. Everyday you watch the news, you get brainwashed.

Brainwashed to believe all the negative B.S. the T.V. networks sell.

Controversies, gossip and crime sells very well to the masses. It’s just like reality TV and people like it so well that advertisers are willing to invest thousands of money to nurture consumerism.

How many advertisements have you watched in the last hour that you’ve watched your favorite TV show? You won’t even be able to guess.

Open your closet and check the brands of your clothing and other accessories… looks familiar?

That’s consumerism in action there for you!

If you want to achieve something, you have to be reborn. Yes, become a born again because you’ve been made to believe something else. And if you’re struggling financially today, just go inside your home and look around you. That’s where your hard-earned money went.

STUFF. A lot of people has a lot of stuff. Stuff they don’t need.

You may have the nicest clothes, car or house but you may also be cash poor.

Consumerism had made people believe that if they “own” things, they’re rich but that is just far from the truth. If you don’t make your money work to grow then you will never be wealthy.

Let me ask you again… What is it that you really want in life???

Money? Wealth? Time?

Should you have all these today, would you be willing to give back?

If you don’t, you may never get wealthy.

You have to give in order for you to get. That’s how the universe works and you can not question that reality.

Those who get very wealthy, gives the most and those who gives the least gets the least.

So don’t be selfish. When you pray, don’t ask just enough for yourself and your family. You have to ask for more than enough that you can give and help others.

When you work for the day, don’t work just enough. You have to always go above and beyond. The richest people works the hardest but with a purpose, they don’t just work hard so as to spend their wheels in the same place. They work hard to move forward.

How do you work hard with purpose? You work smart. Before you till the soil, you have to think.

Thinking is one of the hardest thing you may be called upon to do. That’s the reason why very few people think.

Most are happy and contented punching time cards, counting hours then punch out at the end of the day. Problem is, they would have to do this at least five times a week for the rest of their lives. If you’re in this position, doesn’t that scare you? Having to go back to punching time cards scares the hell out of me for there is a better way to live life.

Where ever you are in life right now, let me assure you. You are not stuck in there! There is a way out, but you have to find it yourself. Getting out of the rat race isn’t one size fits all; you have to choose your vehicle for they come in different forms and sizes. But, there is a way out.

So what do you really want in life? Find your answer and give everything you’ve got to achieve it.



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