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The Fastest Way to Earn Money [Even if You’re Broke]

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So what is the fastest way to earn money?

If you’re searching the web for search terms like “fastest way to earn money”, chances are you’re broke, financially struggling or you just need to make money fast for some pressing need.

No offense, but whatever it is; kudos to you for looking for ways on how you can make money fast and this kind of situation isn’t something that you should be embarrassed about. What you should focus on is, finding ways on how you can earn money fast.

So is it possible?

If you keep an open mind, it is! It may not be easy but possible and that’s all you need to know.

If you really need to make money, you can’t be lazy and you must be willing to move out of your comfort zone.

Nothing in life is ever easy if you’ve been taking it easy for quite some time now; that could be the reason why you’re searching for ways on how to make money fast. Again, no offense but by researching on the topic, it means that we’re making progress.

1. Declutter and sell your stuff

Chances are, you may have more stuff than you need and that you may have over-spent acquiring them at some point.

earn money fast - sell my stuff

The very first thing you should do to earn money fast is to get rid of stuff that you don’t need.

It’s very tempting to try and keep a lot of them, trust me, for some reason material things have such a high emotional attachment to most people.

Really, get rid of things you haven’t used in the last two months because chances are, you’re never going to use them in the next twelve months; make use of them and earn some quick bucks to help even out your financial situation.

Nowadays, it has become so easy to sell stuff online. You can post your clutter on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist (US), Kijiji (Canada), Carousell (Asia) and many other marketplace apps and websites.

If you’re a woman and you have a lot of fashionable clothing, bags and blings, websites like PoshMark helps you sell fast.

You’ll be surprised to see that you can easily make $1,000.00 simply by selling away your clutter.

2. Deliver Food as an On-Demand Courier (US only)

Have a bike, car, motorcycle, or scooter? Put them to work and earn on your own schedule. Deliver for Postmates.

make money with postmates

Postmates is an on-demand food delivery service, powered by independent contractors.

It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery.

Sign up for Postmates here.

3. Get a Job

earn money fast - get a job

If you’re not employed right now, getting a job will help you earn money fast. Most employees are paid every two weeks, so if you work at a job for two weeks, you’ll get paid right away.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might think that getting a job isn’t sexy but hey, if you’re at the end of your wit because you really need to make money, get a job first to make money fast then start working on your business.

Building a business takes time and money and most often than not, it doesn’t make money right away. You’ll need some sort of income coming in to take care of yourself, your bills, and your loved ones.

4. Drive for Uber, Grab, TappCar or any other P2p Ride App

make money ride sharing

If you have a car and you don’t really want to get a traditional job then make use of your car to earn some money.

The ride-sharing economy has become one of the fastest ways to earn money in this day and age and if you have a decent car that you can satisfy a ride-sharing company’s requirement, definitely make use of it.

The good thing about this gig is that you can work it around your schedule so it doesn’t have to affect your day job or any other income-producing activities that you’re already involved with and you’re going to do it as an independent contractor which means, it doesn’t take away your “entrepreneur status” if you really pride yourself on being an entrepreneur.

5. Rent Your Car Online

Don’t want to drive? Did you know that you can still make money fast from your car by simply renting it out?

rent my car

If you’re a car guy or gal, this may not be an attractive option cause the idea of having someone else drive your car may drive you completely nuts but then if you want to make money fast, this is an option that you may just consider.

Turo is a safe place where you can let your car to other people who need a ride.

Maybe they’re in your city for business, driving out of town or they simply need a car for an errand.

Help them out by renting your car to those who need it and earn money fast!

The point is you’re able to turn your car which usually is a money-eating liability into a profit-producing asset.

… and don’t worry too much; your car is insured through Turo on top of your personal insurance coverage but keep in mind that if you’re offering your car for hire either with you driving or the customers themselves driving your car, you may need to convert your car insurance into a vehicle for hire coverage depending on your country, state or provincial regulations.

6. Rent Adspace on Your Car

Since you already have a car and you’re driving to and from your errands anyway, why not have companies wrap your car with their ads and get paid for it on a monthly basis?

If you qualify as a driver, you can expect to earn an extra at least $250.00 a month depending on your location.

CarVertise (US) promises to pay between $300.00 to $1,200.00 per campaign.

Wrapify (US) on the other hand, is app-based and pays you by mileage driven which means, the more you drive, the more you make.

Drivertise (CA) pays you about half of what they make and is dependent on how small or big the advert is. They pay you $70 for a read window ad and $250 a month for a full car wrap.

7. Rent Your Spare Room or Your Apartment

earn money fast with airbnbYou can earn money fast by letting a room in your home, your entire home or apartment in AirBnB.

If you have a spare room rent it out. If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you may need to rent out the whole space.

This means that you may need to crash into someone else’s place whenever there’s someone staying in your place but hey if you need to earn money fast, you have to move out of your comfort zone!

You gotta do what you gotta do, so you earn the quick dough 😉

8. Work at Gigs as a Local Freelancer

make money fast

The sharing economy has produced a lot of income-producing opportunities that can help anyone make money fast by simply downloading their app or opening up an account on popular freelance websites.

Some of these opportunities are for jobs and gigs that you can perform online but if you really need to make money fast, you’ll be able to gain more traction faster with local freelance marketplaces like Thumbtack, Takl, TaskRabbit, Gawin and the likes depending on which part of the world you’re in.

For the general safety of the clients and service providers in this kind of marketplaces, expect to be asked to submit identity verification documents and criminal record checks; it’s like applying for a job, you just make money on your own terms by serving customers directly.

There should be some local versions of these service marketplaces that serves your local area.

If there’s none and you have some skills to share, you can always go the old-fashioned way by posting your services to online classified ads websites.

The type of service that you offer will definitely depend on your skills; if you’re handy or you could clean, local service apps and marketplaces are the way to go.

If on the other hand, you’re someone who’s tech-savvy, a designer, writer or you possess any skill that can be delivered online, then places like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer are your best bet.

Simply joining these websites won’t make you money right away, pour your energy into building a solid profile to attract customers fast which in effect will help you earn money fast on these platforms – your profile should prove to your prospect that you’re the right person for the job!

9. Sell Your Knowledge Online and Get Paid by the Minute

Every person is an expert at something and did you know that you can get paid for sharing your time and knowledge with others?

If you have expertise in any of the below fields, you can get paid as an expert through Clarity.fm.

From business, career, sales and marketing, product design, dating, counseling to journalism and many more topics that others are looking for advice on.

10. Get Paid to Answer Questions

In relation to the above gig, you can answer questions and earn money fast by helping others find answers to problems and concerns on topics that you’re an expert at.

To do this; you can apply as an expert for JustAnswer.com

11. Flip Books on Amazon

You may have heard of the selling on Amazon buzz and the Amazon FBA opportunity. Put simply, there is a lot of moms and pops who are making a good living out of selling stuff on Amazon.

The easiest way, I found is to simply flip used books from Thrift Stores and GoodWill which costs you an average of $5.00 each and usually sells for at least twice the price on Amazon and sometimes for up to 200% more.

There are two ways you can flipbooks on Amazon:

  1. Seller Fulfilled, and
  2. Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon FBA)

The first one is when you ship your inventory to your buyer each time someone buys an item from you.

Second, you ship all your inventory to Amazon and have them fulfill the items for yours.

If you’re in the US and you just want to make money fast, I believe you’ll be better off with the first option in order to avoid FBA fees.

When looking for books to sell on Amazon, you have to be mindful of their best seller rank on Amazon; As a general rule of thumb, you should choose books that have BSRs that are 100,000 and below so you know that your inventory has a high chance of selling fast.

Avoid buying books that are ranked in the millions as it may take years for them to move.

You may have heard of “retail arbitrage” or “online arbitrage” and think why not just sell any products; thing is, you can actually sell any products but if you’re going the buy and sell route with Amazon, you need to buy the products first before you can sell them.

If you can find fast-moving products at a low cost, you can always flip anything on Amazon but then if you’re in a situation where there’s really not much cash to start with, books are the best way to start earning money fast with Amazon.

12. Accept Baby Sitting, Cleaning & Caregiving Gigs

If you have some experience cleaning, taking care of kids, or the elderly, you can earn money fast with Care.

Simply sign up an account as a job seeker and apply to available postings from those who are looking for these services.

You can get hired within the day on a one-off or ongoing stints.

That’s it, a dozen of the fastest way to earn money quickly even if you’re broke. 

I hope you find one that you can take action on or utilize a couple of them in conjunction with each other.

In this time and age, there’s always a way to make some extra cash on the side that will help you improve your quality of life. You just have to be creative and be open to opportunities.

1 thought on “The Fastest Way to Earn Money [Even if You’re Broke]”

  1. Mon Desiderio

    Hello Ermine,

    Thanks for commenting on this post. I understand what you feel as I was born and raised in the Philippines, which, by many measures is a third-world country but being on a third-world country doesn’t mean you can’t succeed; as Les Brown puts it: “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”. You just have to change how you look at things and start believing that you can. You obviously have access to the internet. There are a lot of freelance websites that you can offer your service(s) from.

    These ideas aren’t get rich quick, make money online kind of things, they are practical ways on how one can earn income on the side, selling stuff you don’t need has never been with easy with the advent of free marketplaces and classifieds, take a picture and list things that you don’t use around the house and post them on Facebook Marketplace(s) and or your local classifieds website, some stuff may not sell right away as it depends on whether or not there’s a market for it but all you invest is time and some elbow grease.

    Getting a job, if you’re not already employed is another practical advice that one should take to heart as a starting point and anyone can get a job even if they’re in a third-world country; if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you might cringe at the idea of getting a job but getting a job is probably one of the easiest and sustainable ways of making money!

    You also mentioned that none of the links work, you may have clicked on the Postmate link; while it’s true that this link will only work for those who are based out of the US, there are other opportunities within the article that are available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

    I have written an extensive list of freelance websites where you can post yourself for hire and fulfill work online no matter where you are in an article, titled: How to Start a Profitable Freelance Business.

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