The Best Items to Dropship on eBay and How to Find Them

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So, I’ve been dabbling with eBay dropshipping in the last year and found that there’s actually real money to be made dropshipping on eBay.

I’ve also learned that just like any other business, eBay dropshipping takes work and by that, I mean a lot of hard work as opposed to what we’ve been made to believe by eCommerce gurus trying to sell you thousand dollar courses.

Keep in mind that most of these gurus claiming to make six figures a month actually refer to their sales revenue and not their profits after eBay fees. 

I could easily say that I made $2,000.00 on eBay last month which is a full-time income for most people then launch a course teaching others to dropship on eBay to make “$2,000.00” a month but then again, it’s going to be a blatant lie as most people who claim this don’t actually give you the real amount they took home after inventory costs, platform fees and/or advertising if applicable.

If you’re planning to dropship on eBay, keep in mind that eBay dropshipping is a retail business and that the markups are generally pretty slim which averages between 5% to 10%. You can make more on higher ticket items but generally, your net profit is about that.

Why am I telling you this when all you wanted was to learn what the best items to dropship on eBay are?

That’s because if you’re researching on this topic, you may be new to eBay dropshipping and you may have been swayed by eCommerce get rich quick promoters who make six figures on eBay in a matter of months.

This is not to deter you but to give you a better understanding of how an eBay dropshipping business works, which again, is comparative to any other business.

Early on, I’ve told you that there’s actually real money to be made dropshipping stuff on eBay but it takes time, and most people don’t have that kind of entrepreneurial patience to keep on pushing until they make consistent profits on a business venture.

So, getting into this business, I want to give you the right expectations that any business you start is like planting a tree. 

One of the exciting things about eBay dropshipping is that you can get sales right away which gets you motivated to keep on going, just don’t quit your day job right away.

So, what are the best items to dropship on eBay?

It would have been easier if I could just give you a list of profitable and highly sellable items to sell on eBay but in reality, it doesn’t really work that way because the lists of best items to dropship on eBay that you find online are often used by most sellers that listing these items become so competitive.

Based on my experience eBay dropshipping for about a year now you can get sales from eBay on almost any item(s). 

eBay, is one of the biggest online malls that you can open shop at, which means they already have the “foot traffic” and this traffic isn’t on eBay to read or browse but they are there “to buy” something.

Since I’m busy working on my main business, I don’t have the luxury of time to be able to list items to dropship on eBay on a daily basis so I only have around 400 items live for sale on eBay.

In the last year, I have sold the following items on eBay:

  1. Temperature Controlled Mug(s)
  2. Party Giveaways
  3. Portable Tan Spray Machine(s)
  4. Ink Jet Cartridges
  5. Earrings
  6. Toys
  7. Bottle Brushes
  8. Face Moisturizers
  9. Speakers
  10. Travel Mugs
  11. Skateboards
  12. Briefcase
  13. Wigs
  14. Costumes
  15. Boardgames
  16. Travel Mug Charger
  17. Cookware
  18. Kids Bottle Canteens
  19. Shoe Rack
  20. Wireless Earbuds

These are the items I’ve sold on eBay so far. You’re best eBay items may differ.

When I first started selling on eBay, I took David Vu’s eBay dropshipping course off Udemy. It was more of a manual dropshipping course, he suggested that you make a list of products you’ve bought in the last couple of weeks and start with them. 

Depending on your shopping experience, this may not be the best way of finding the best items to dropship on eBay as the items that you may have bought in the past may not be high-demand items with less competition.

The best way I found to find the best items to dropship on eBay is by using items you’ve purchased in the past and use as idea generators with software like Zik Analytics.

Zik Analytics helps you find items that are proven to sell on eBay. This means, that these items sell on eBay on a consistent basis. You don’t have to sell the exact item it finds if there are already a lot of sellers selling the exact item because it wouldn’t do you or your competitors any good. 

I would suggest that you don’t list items with high competition as sellers will be forced into a price war and it’s just not a good way to build your eBay dropshipping business on.

Instead, sell similar items on the same or near price range and keep on listing but if you find the exact items with only a few sellers, go ahead and list it if there are still worthwhile profits on the item.

Zik Analytics technically helps you automate the gruesome process of finding hot selling items to dropship on eBay.

You can test-drive this tool for a $1 seven day trial period and if you don’t like it, you just cancel before your trial period ends.

How To Find The Best Items to Dropship on eBay

I now, use Zik Analytics to help me find the best items to dropship on eBay. What it does is take out the guesswork.

Listing random items on eBay works but you’re technically guessing and you’re not sure if the items you list actually sell. This is the reason why I used to have almost 600 items listed on my eBay store but very few of them sell and it’s usually not as consistent as I would want them to.

Zik helps you do product research, category research, competitor research, and even wholesale product search then it lets you sift through all the data so you can analyze each item before actually listing them on eBay.

Zik Analytics Product Research

When you log on to your Zik Analytics dashboard, you can find all your controls on the left tab.

Say for example I wanted to sell an office drawer on my eBay store.

I can do product research by first clicking on the product research icon which is the second icon on the left tab which looks like a magnifying glass:

This will take us to the product research dashboard.

I then type “office drawer” on the search field and hit enter. Zik Analytics then gives me a list of office drawers that are selling on eBay.

(Click on the image for full view)

You can click on each one and view the actual listing on eBay or you can select them all by ticking off the squares and click on the blue Zik Analytics tab which is located on the top right of the search results.

This gives you a full analysis of your product search, showing you which seller owns the highest marketplace percentage, the sell-through rate, how many listings you’ll be competing against for your keywords, number of items sold in the last 30 days, etc.

Scrolling down past the chart, you’ll see the best items to dropship on eBay for your keywords, including the seller, seller reviews, item price, supplier link (Walmart, Amazon, home depot, etc.)

The target icon on the right, lets you know if Zik found the exact item from your supplier (i.e. Walmart) by showing a blue target icon, red indicates that it didn’t find the exact item from your supplier.

Clicking on each item brings you to the actual listing, where you can do a further evaluation on competition and see if there are other sellers selling this exact item.

In the above example, this seller sold this item (not a drawer) 217 times, which means that we can easily consider this item as one of the best items to dropship on eBay.

Back to Zik Analytic’s search result, it doesn’t appear that Zik found this item on Walmart.

Googling the item title helped me found the exact item in black which is sold by Walmart for $74.99.

You can research how many sellers are selling this same item by clicking on the chart tab on the far right  as below:

This will do a title search on eBay and try to find other competing listings.

It doesn’t seem to have any direct competition. So the next step is to analyze if whether or not selling this item is profitable for us.

We do this by launching SaleCalc.com, which is a free online reseller calculator.

This is where you estimate your eBay profits. To do this, type in the item’s Buy It Now price on eBay and click on the eBay tab.

On the next page, type in the item, shipping, and any other acquisition costs you may incur in fulfilling this item to the buyer if someone were to buy this from you.

As the results show, we need to be able to sell this item for at least $86.45 to break even. In this case, we’re going to incur a loss of $0.39 which means this item won’t be profitable to list.

The Easier Way

There is an easier way of finding the best items to dropship on eBay without going out of the Zik Analytics platform and this can work well if you’re good with coming up with product ideas to sell.

Instead of Googling for the source website, you just scroll down until you see the green target icon which means that Zik Analytics found the exact item from your supplier.

In this case, all you have to check is whether or not the item sells and if it sells profitably but going the extra mile can make your eBay dropshipping store more successful.

Based on the above, we can see that we’re going to make a profit of $5.16 (Zik Analytics estimate) but you can further double-check using SaleCalc.com just to make sure you’re not at a loss when you sold this item.

If you’re considering to list this item, you can click the “Add to List” tab and it will add the item to your folder which you can access when you’re ready to list or click the “check” tab on the right side of the column to check if the item is on the stock. 

Upon doing that, this item isn’t in stock as of the moment.

You can keep on scrolling further down to find profitable products that are on stock from your supplier. Once you find one that sells good, with less competition, and is profitable, you can save it on your list or list it right away on eBay.

Listing the Best Items to Dropship on eBay

I started listing items manually but found that it took too much time so I tested different software that can help me list my items at a faster rate while at the same time monitoring the items’ price and inventory. 

Nothing’s worse than getting orders for items you can’t fulfill or having to fulfill items at a loss. Trust me, it’s not fun at all.

The goal of eBay dropshipping is to earn profits, not just sales so we have to profit from each item we flip online. Otherwise, you’re just throwing away your hard-earned money. 

Sometimes you can get away with canceling orders but it lowers your seller level which may result in being kicked out of the eBay seller program.

I use DSM Tool to list and monitor my inventory. I’ve tried other tools before like Hydra Lister and SkuGrid where Skugrid was supposed to monitor your inventory but I often found myself with orders I can’t fulfill due to monitoring failures where SkuGrid fails to update the stocks to zero when there’s no inventory from the supplier.

Listing your inventory on eBay is a whole article in itself and I will write a dedicated tutorial on how you can list a search optimized eBay dropshipping item listing fast and efficiently.

Other Ways to Find the Best Items to Dropship on eBay

What I’ve shown you above is how to search for the best items to dropship on eBay using Zik Analytics’ “Product Search” module.

You can also find products to list by doing competitor research, category research, or wholesale products search.

Technically, what Zik Analytics does isn’t giving you the magic pill to be successful on eBay but what it does is speed up your product research process which would have taken longer if you’re doing manual research yourself.

It’s easy to find a product to list on eBay but finding products that sell is another story that’s why tools like Zik Analytics are Godsend for eBay drop shippers like us.

Unfortunately, I’ll bore you to death if I were to try and teach you all the functions of Zik Analytics in one article, so what I would suggest is that you take the time to watch the video tutorials on the Zik Analytics Academy which can be found at:


Take Zik Analytics for a $1 Test Drive Here.


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