how to stop overspending

How to Stop Overspending On Unnecessary Things

How to stop overspending?

A dear friend of mine approached me for help in regard to this specific concern because she happened to overspend money on her birthday that she was out of dough and was at the risk of not making her upcoming rent payment.

At some point in time, most people will find themselves in a similar situation. I myself have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to keeping our priorities in terms of where our money goes.

I am not an over-spender by any means when it comes to my personal finance but I tend to be more aggressive whenever I’m spending for business, thinking that I would recoup the money anyway, but overspending, even in business isn’t a good idea because what we think is a calculated risk may have not been calculated effectively which results to business setbacks that could extend to one’s personal finance.… Read more...