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Sendinblue Review: Is it Better than Mailchimp?

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You might be wondering what Sendinblue is used for, whether is it similar to Mailchimp and who owns the company. This article aims to answer these questions. You will learn what this tool is used for, why it is superior to Mailchimp, and who owns it. Let’s get started. What is Sendinblue? What are its main features? And who owns it? All of these questions are important to understand the software and how it works.

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Sendinblue helps businesses keep track of their leads and maintain a conversation history with them. The tool provides four main methods for communication, including emails, phone calls, and sign-up forms. It also provides a shared inbox and lets users customize messages. The system automates communication, helping you to better reach your audience and stay connected with your customers. The tool also allows you to customize your email templates and add contact attributes to each message.

Users can customize their email templates using a drag-and-drop editor. The drag-and-drop editor lets them easily create a basic visual layout, which is good if your newsletter isn’t very text-heavy. If you prefer to add a personal touch, you can use the rich text editor, which looks like Word. There are also several options for customizing your email templates, but these require an HTML template.

Using a CAPTCHA is another great way to protect your website from spambots. This tool generates tests that humans can successfully complete and that computer programs cannot. To use Sendinblue, you can first log into your Google account. Next, add a label on your form. Choose the reCAPTCHA v2 option. After that, you can choose a category and type of filter.

Is Sendinblue the same as Mailchimp?

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Both Mailchimp and Sendinblue offer email marketing services and lists. However, they differ when it comes to how they segment customer lists. Mailchimp allows you to import contacts via bulk CSV files and separate your customers into different groups, which makes it easier to send personalized campaigns. But Mailchimp’s free CRM is not as sophisticated as Sendinblue’s. It has limited features, and the main difference between the two is the amount of customization that is possible.

While both Mailchimp and Sendinblue offer drag-and-drop builders and email templates, they are not quite the same. However, the drag-and-drop editor in Mailchimp is more comprehensive than Sendinblue’s. When choosing between the two, consider how many emails you plan to send and which features are most important to you. For example, Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily create a unique email template, whereas Sendinblue’s email builder allows you to create a custom HTML code and then upload the file to your account.

Both Sendinblue and Mailchimp are easy to use. They both have their pros and cons. Although Mailchimp is more expensive, the free plan is good for beginners. It allows you to send up to 2,000 emails per day, while Sendinblue allows you to send up to 300 per day. Both email marketing services also offer “Requeue” features, which allow you to schedule your emails so that they go out only when you want to. Furthermore, both services include unlimited storage space. Neither Mailchimp nor Sendinblue offers any phone support, but they both do offer live chat support and email support.

Why is Sendinblue better than Mailchimp?

sendinblue better than mailchimp

If you’re wondering how to segment your contacts, there are a few things you should know before you make the switch. Mailchimp charges you per email address, so if you have several contacts, this can quickly become quite costly. In addition, Mailchimp’s naming conventions can be confusing. Sendinblue makes segmenting contacts much simpler by allowing you to specify contact fields and behaviors. It also saves segmented contacts for your future use.

If you want to avoid sending bulk emails, Mailchimp offers a free plan with some limited features. Sendinblue offers a cheaper landing page builder and more integrations. Both are able to send your emails to your subscribers and have better deliverability. Mailchimp is more expensive if you have a large list, while Sendinblue is cheaper for smaller lists. In addition, it doesn’t have a dedicated IP option. Mailchimp’s email service doesn’t offer list management, automation, and personalization tools.

There are also differences in pricing. Mailchimp offers a free plan that’s designed for beginners, while Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to send up to 10,000 emails a month to up to 2,000 contacts. In addition to free email sending, Mailchimp also offers an email builder and basic CRM. Nevertheless, Mailchimp’s free plan has limited features, like email templates, advanced segmentation, and advanced reporting. While the free plan offers a higher volume of features, it doesn’t include customer support.

Who owns Sendinblue?

This year, Sendinblue is expanding its marketing product lines with the acquisition of MeetFox, a video conferencing and scheduling solution. Since then, Sendinblue has acquired six other companies. These include chatbot tool Chatra, analytics software Metrilo, and push notification solution PushOwl. These acquisitions have helped them grow their marketing product line for small and mid-sized businesses. The next step is to fully integrate these acquired products into their own product offerings.

The company was founded in 2012 by a Polytechnique graduate. Today, it employs over 500 people in its Paris office, Berlin office, and offices in Noida, India, and Toronto. As of June 2018, Sendinblue has grown more than fourfold in the U.S., with more than 50,000 paying subscribers in 140 countries. Who owns Sendinblue? And how do they operate? And how can you become one of them?

Armand Thiberge is the founder of SendinBlue. Steffen Schebesta is its current Chief Executive Officer. Sendinblue’s suite of products offers a combination of automated tools and a human touch. Its Attentive mobile messaging platform uses real-time behavior data to automatically send targeted, engaging text messages. As an entrepreneur, you can’t go wrong with an all-in-one digital marketing platform.

Is Sendinblue good for cold emails?

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If you are a novice in cold email marketing, you may wonder if Sendinblue is right for you. The answer depends on your business needs. However, if your goals are to send out a lot of email messages, Sendinblue may be worth a try. The service offers many useful features, and its free plan allows you to send out unlimited email newsletters and contact lists. There are also paid plans available, including the Lite plan for $20/month, which allows you to send out 40,000 emails a month with no daily limit.

Sendinblue is an email marketing service that allows users to manage and segment their mailing lists. The email marketing tool integrates with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can track which email campaigns are performing well and which ones aren’t. You can also automate the nurturing process with Sendinblue. You can import your customer list using a drag-and-drop editor. You can also automate the nurturing process with Sendinblue’s marketing tools, such as live chat, CRM, and automation.

This email service also offers a heatmap of your campaign, showing which parts of your email are most read and which ones are ignored by your contacts. You can also use the heatmap feature to optimize your emails, making them more appealing to your readers. Sendinblue also allows you to do A/B testing. Then you can see if you can increase your open and click-through rates. It’s definitely worth checking out.

How do I send an email through Sendinblue?

How do I create and send an email using Sendinblue? First of all, you must authorize the domain. To do this, sign in to your Senders & IP account, click on the Domains tab, and then click on the blue + ADD NEW DOMAIN button. If you don’t have an API key yet, you can generate one at any time. After generating your API key, select your email service provider and click “Add.” You should then see a list of all domains authorized for Sendinblue.

Next, you will need to import the list of email addresses you want to contact. After signing up, you should choose the recipients you want to contact. You can either use your own email list or import it from another email service. In any case, you must have the recipient’s email address as a contact. You can do this by using Sendinblue’s API or by modifying the forms of your website.

The interface is extremely user-friendly and offers a wide range of customization options. With this program, you can also test subject lines and entire email campaigns. Sendinblue also offers a free trial, and you can send up to 300 emails a day without paying anything. This is the best way to test the service before committing to a monthly payment. The service may earn a small commission from purchases made through your link.

How to Create Beautiful Email Newsletters With Sendinblue

If you want to know how to create beautiful email newsletters, there are several things you should keep in mind. First, choose a theme that matches your branding. Next, segment your audience. You can even include a banner or pop-up to attract your audience’s attention. Once you have the basics down, you can move on to the more complicated aspects of creating beautiful email newsletters.

Importing contacts

The first step to creating a beautiful email newsletter with Sendinblue is to import your contact list. To do this, either open a text file containing email addresses, names, and dates or import your contacts manually. If you want to export your contact list in bulk, you can also use a third-party service. To import your contacts, follow the steps outlined below.

Basic templates help you create beautiful email newsletters

To create a beautiful email newsletter, you need to select the right template. It should be tailored for your purpose. For instance, a promotional newsletter won’t look good if the content is all about a new product or service. Similarly, a transactional newsletter won’t look good with a content-heavy design. The template you choose should also be fully responsive. Don’t make the mistake of making the design of your newsletter based on a particular template; it may not look good on different email clients.

Segmenting your audience

When using Sendinblue email newsletters, you can use a range of conditions to determine your subscribers’ characteristics. For example, an educational institute might want to send different content to different levels of education, as well as offer different promotions. If the same audience views all the same emails, they will not be segmented. You can use this information to determine who to target with your marketing campaigns.

Choosing a theme

Sendinblue has a built-in template library, which you can use to create and customize email templates. You can choose from dozens of available designs, which are categorized by category. You can also use a shared URL to import your own template. Using templates is also easy – you can edit and customize them, and the program provides an automatic preview of your newsletter for review before sending.

Adding a pop-up or banner

The best way to add a pop-up or banner to email campaigns is to create a workflow. Then, select the list you wish to add emails to and a time interval before the emails are sent out. You can also select multiple campaigns at once. Once you have chosen the workflow, click the “Add a pop-up or banner to email newsletters” button in the toolbar.

How to Target Your Subscribers With Laser Precision With Sendinblue

With Sendinblue, you can create workflows and send targeted email campaigns to only those contacts who meet your specific criteria. Instead of creating endless segments, you can focus on identifying the factors that influence your customer’s buying decisions and create relevant segments around those personas. Let’s explore each feature in detail. Then, find the best workflow for your business and start targeting your subscribers with laser precision.

Dynamic segmentation

With Sendinblue’s advanced search form, you can create multiple lists based on predetermined filters. You can also create dynamic lists based on specific content and save them as filters for future use. These dynamic lists allow you to tailor your email messages to a particular group of people. With the Sendinblue segmentation engine, you can manage contacts and create new lists based on these filters. Then, you can personalize each message and make it relevant to the audience.


Automated email campaigns with Sendinblue are a breeze to create. You can automate your follow-up emails with ease and set up triggers based on actions and conditions. Unlike Mailchimp, which does not offer workflow automation, you can easily understand what is happening to your list and how to react to it. Here are three reasons to automate your email campaigns with Sendinblue.

Native landing page builder

Since 2018, Sendinblue has offered a native landing page builder. With the new tool, you can build custom landing pages straight from your email marketing platform. Landing pages are a great way to create personalized content for your list and capture unique data from your visitors. Custom form fields allow you to collect their email address and other information, and sync them with your contacts list in Sendinblue. These landing pages can also be presented under your own custom domain name. This is a great feature for both lead generation and marketing automation.

Unlimited contact storage

While Constant Contact offers free email marketing plans, Sendinblue is far superior. The free plan is feature-constrained, with no credit card required. All you need to sign up are your company name, email address, and password. You can then send up to 300 emails a day and store unlimited contacts. The paid plans also include advanced email marketing features like A/B testing. AWeber also allows you to customize templates for your emails. You can also send unlimited emails per month.

Multivariate testing

Multivariate testing helps you optimize your website by identifying the key metrics. This is a very useful tool, as it helps you understand which elements or features are causing the highest conversion rates. It is a good idea to test as many variables as possible because it is difficult to measure the impact of a single factor on your website. In addition, multivariate testing helps you save time and resources by identifying the most effective combinations of features and elements for your eCommerce website.

Real-Time Campaign Success Tracking with Sendinblue

email marketing success tracking

You can use Sendinblue to create multiple steps and delays between emails. Sending a series of emails with a specific time gap is one of the easiest ways to track the success of your email campaigns. Sendinblue will also integrate with Google Analytics so that you can see who opened your emails and clicked on your links. The application will also automatically apply tracking codes to your email links so that you can see how many people are opening your emails.

Price comparison between Sendinblue and MailChimp

While both Mailchimp and Sendinblue have the ability to send email campaigns, the former has a higher price tag. The difference is mostly in the number of features. Mailchimp offers more integrations, while Sendinblue doesn’t. Both services can integrate with popular services, such as WordPress, e-commerce platforms, and social networks. Mailchimp also has a better set of tutorials than Sendinblue, which can help new users get up and running quickly.

The two email marketing services offer free plans for up to 2,000 contacts, which may not be sufficient for a growing business. However, the paid plans are much more expensive than the free plans. Mailchimp offers more advanced features, such as segmentation, while Sendinblue has fewer features and a more basic free plan. Although both services offer free email templates, Mailchimp doesn’t let you send emails to people who unsubscribe from your list.

Price based on email volume rather than subscriber count

If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider the price based on email volume rather than subscriber list with Sendinblue. Their lowest-cost plan is reasonable, but there’s a catch: you can’t remove the Sendinblue logo without spending another $12 per month. Plus, you can’t use advanced reporting tools like landing pages, but it does come with a number of other features. For the most part, you can upgrade your plan as your list grows.

Considering the low price, SendinBlue has excellent features. With their transactional emails and attractive landing forms, you can automate drip campaigns and send automated marketing messages to your subscribers. Other features include marketing automation, sophisticated forms, and landing pages. You can also create a custom URL for your emails, which is nice if you need to promote a certain product. And if you need a more powerful email service, you can sign up for an enterprise plan.

Cost based on conversion tracking

A monthly subscription with Sendinblue is cheaper than other email marketing solutions. However, it’s important to note that a monthly plan will only allow you to send a certain number of emails. You’ll be able to track how many people open your email and which links result in purchases. However, if your email marketing strategy varies, it may not be the best option for you. Also, Sendinblue’s credit balance does not roll over. Once you run out of credits, your campaigns will be stopped automatically.

Sendinblue’s reporting features are helpful and comprehensive. The interface is well laid out, making it easy to find the metrics you need. You can also track which links lead to your website and how your emails are performing. Additionally, you can identify specific users by clicking on their email addresses, and you can easily segment your list based on this. Once you’ve created your campaign, you can review the statistics and report features.

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