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Printful Vs Printify – Which Platform is Right For You?

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If you’re comparing Printful vs Printify, you’re looking for a platform that makes your print-on-demand business easy to manage. In this Printify vs Printful comparison, we’ll take a look at the different features of both services. Both Printify and Printful allow sellers to differentiate their products and offer many options. Both services offer customer support through phone and email and have a vast FAQ section. Both services also offer helpful video tutorials.

While both services have similar features, some differences do stand out. For instance, Printful offers free onboarding to new users, while Printify’s free help center covers integrations, product features, and troubleshooting. Printify also provides mockup designs to help you visualize how your designs will look before you print them.

Both Printful and Printify offer print-on-demand services. Both companies also offer fulfillment warehousing services. Both Printful and Printify can integrate with major eCommerce platforms. However, Printful offers more integrations and offers a centralized online store with a variety of suppliers.

Both platforms have an easy-to-use interface and many features. Using either service requires only basic computer literacy. Users can upload their designs within minutes. They don’t need any special skills in e-commerce or graphic design. However, they should be familiar with the different terms and concepts.

Both services use third-party fulfillment facilities. Printify does not have a warehouse of its own. Therefore, it outsources fulfillment to other companies. As a result, fulfillment times may vary, but both have real-time shipping updates. Shipping times are also listed on both websites.

Both Printful and Printify offer free trial accounts. You can sign up for a free account and use the website to start selling products. The free account offers 24/7 merchant support, unlimited product designs, and integration with eCommerce platforms.

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Currently, Printify has more than 250 products in its catalog, including T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. Other products include pillows, canvases, and backpacks. The site also gives you the option to choose from more than 200 brands of print products. Moreover, you can try different print providers and pick the best one to meet your needs.

Printify allows you to upload your own designs or choose from one of their ready-made templates. The process is intuitive and easy, and even a beginner can use it. Once you’ve uploaded your design, you can preview and edit it with a mockup generator and interactive design tool. After you’ve finished previewing your design, you can then upload it to your online storefront. Once you have confirmed the payment, the production process will begin. Printify will take care of the printing and packaging. It will also handle shipping for you.

Printify’s easy-to-use interface allows you to design custom products and sell them on various platforms. The platform works with third-party fulfillment centers and print providers to deliver your products quickly. With more than 500 options, Printify helps you build a successful print-on-demand business. You can upload your designs and choose between various print providers, which means that you won’t have to hold inventory.

Depending on the print provider you choose, Printify’s fulfillment services can be either same-day or next-day shipping. The fulfillment service is available only in the USA, CA, and Europe. You need to pay a monthly fee to use this option. Once you’ve chosen your fulfillment provider, Printify will send the order to them.

You can also track your shipments using the Printful app. Printful has warehouses in the US, Canada, and Spain. Third-party printing providers will fulfill your orders with Printful, and you can track the shipments from start to finish. You can even choose express shipping for your products. However, since Printful doesn’t control where your orders are fulfilled, the shipping time may vary depending on the country you’re in.

Printify offers a variety of options, including the option to add custom packaging inserts for your products. It offers good-quality prints, good customer support, and reasonable shipping rates. If you need a print-on-demand service, Printful might be the best option for you. The software is easy to use and inexpensive. It will also provide support if you run into trouble.


Customers have rated Printful’s customer service highly, and they say it’s much better than the industry average. Their website has a blog, a FAQ page, and other resources for new and existing customers. The company also offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy. If you’re not happy with your order, Printful’s customer service is available 24/7 by phone and email, from 5 pm until 1 am GMT.

While the costs of using Printful for POD items can vary, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other POD services. For example, print-on-demand t-shirts can be as low as $9. Printful is also flexible about how much it will charge for a product, so you can choose what price you’d like to charge.

Before selling on Printful, you must submit the appropriate tax and legal information to the platform. Check the local licensing requirements and speak to a tax professional to determine what you’ll need to pay in tax expenses.

The Printful API makes it easy to integrate your store with a third-party marketplace. Currently, the service supports 22 platforms. It is also compatible with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Ecwid. It also offers an onboarding session, free of charge, to new users. However, if you’re selling a product that can’t be printed through a third-party vendor, you’ll have to hire a developer to get started.

Once the integration is completed, you can customize your items with a Printful API key. Printful will automatically apply customizations to your items and ship them to your customers.

Printful also offers a free sample program that allows you to try out their products before you make a final order. This program allows you to order a limited number of items for free and receive a 20% discount. You can also include up to three items in each sample order. Using a sample order is ideal for testing new designs and products.

If you’re just starting out in the PoD online business space, Printful is the best place to start. They offer excellent customer service, a user-friendly product builder, and tight integrations with e-commerce platforms. But, if you’re an established brand, you might want to consider using other services, including Gooten and Printify. You should also check out their bulk purchasing options.

The pricing for Printful samples is very competitive. Often, it’s as much as 20 percent off the list price of the products. Plus, shipping is free to selected locations. This includes all of the US states and territories, as well as Canada. You can also use Printful to order samples in bulk, but there’s a limit to how many samples you can order per month.

When it comes to customer service, customers are extremely positive about Printful’s customer support. They can contact the company 24/7 through email, phone, and chat. Many of them have praised the company’s fast response times and helpful staff. However, not all customers have the same needs. Whether you are looking for a quick print job or a more comprehensive print-on-demand solution, Printful has you covered.

If you need help with a printing project, Printful’s customer service representatives are available around the clock. They also provide extensive FAQs and video tutorials. They also offer live chat support for international customers. The customer service team will work to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking for a print for a special occasion or are simply having trouble with your current order, Printful’s customer service is there for you.

Shirt Quality

There are some differences between Printful and Printify, but both offer a similar set of products. While Printful focuses on branded products, it also offers generic options without a brand name. Printful also allows you to customize the labels on your products, such as the name and address of the store. Printful also offers samples, which can save you money.

Printful relies on different partners for branding, and the majority of its partnered companies will allow you to brand your products on the inside and outside of the T-shirt. However, some partners don’t offer this option, and some don’t offer it at all. Merch Made Easy, OPT OnDemand, and Textildruck Europa offer these options. However, Printify doesn’t offer this service for hats or other clothing. Additionally, some shirts can only be customized on the outside of the shirt, and some may be printed with inside labels.

Shipping rates vary. Both Printful and Printify include shipping in their pricing, although Printify may charge a little more if you want your shirts branded. Printify also has a different set of shipping rates, which can vary depending on the shipping location of your supplier.

Printful is a printing company that allows users to control the number of sales they make. Printful will charge for production costs and you’ll set the retail price. The service allows you to customize your products, adding custom branding and packaging to them. And you don’t have to be an artist or have any design skills.


Pricing of Printful vs Printify varies significantly, depending on your business needs and budget. Printful is free for small and mid-sized businesses, while Printify requires a one-time setup fee. You can even get a free trial of their Pro plan. The price for premium plans depends on your needs and what your business is looking to achieve.

If you’re looking for low production costs and a fast turnaround, Printful may be the better choice. Printify has a lot of third-party partners that are available to you. However, this is not a deal-breaker, as Printful’s free trial includes premium services. And since both companies offer free trials, you can always try them out for a period of time to decide whether they’re for you.

Pricing of Printful vs Printify depends on the product you’re selling and the margins you’re willing to accept. For example, sweatshirts have a better profit margin than t-shirts, so it’s best to plan ahead and figure out the margin you can afford per item. It’s also important to keep track of the design and delivery costs. Both services will offer a profit calculator to help you calculate how much profit you’re likely to make.

Shipping Speed

While both companies have shipping options available, there are some differences in the shipping speed of Printful and Printify products. Printful typically ships orders in four business days, while Printify takes up to seven days to ship an order. Both companies work with top shipping solutions, and Printful provides a detailed shipping breakdown.

Both platforms offer a wide range of customizable products. Printful has a larger product catalog, with more options. Printify offers more integration options and customer support options, but Printful’s catalog is more comprehensive. Printful also offers more print providers, while Printify has a smaller selection.

Shipment speed is an important factor for many print-on-demand stores. Printful ships same-day if you order before noon. Printify has a more customizable system and can choose a faster fulfillment center. Printful also offers a sample order discount. If you are unsure of which shipping option is right for your business, compare the turnaround time of each service.

Both companies offer international shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on the product, region, and carrier. Generally, a t-shirt costs $3.99 to ship in the United States. For additional items, you’ll pay an additional $1.25. Printful also has a bulk discount program. If you sell at least $1,000 of shirts on Printful, you can receive a 30% discount on your first order.


The Printful vs Printify comparison shows that Printful offers more platforms than Printify. For example, Printful has an in-built design team and same-day fulfillment. However, Printify does not offer those services. Additionally, Printful’s margins are not as high as Printify’s. As a result, Printful may be a better choice for long-term branding purposes.

Both platforms offer different types of discounts depending on monthly spending. For example, Printful offers a 9% discount if you sell over ten thousand items every month. However, you should note that Printify outsources its printing operations to third-party printers, which means you have little control over the order fulfillment process. Moreover, print quality can vary.

While both platforms offer similar benefits, there are major differences. Printful offers more features, such as white-label branding, pack-ins, and a custom log. It offers more than 20 eCommerce integrations, 24/7 customer support, and more. Printful also offers sublimation and embroidery, as well as other options.

Although Printful has the upper hand in many categories, it is still more expensive. Printify does have its advantages and disadvantages, so you should research both platforms before deciding which to use.

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