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How AI Writing Assistants Can Help You Write Faster (and Better)

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Writing for the web has grown too competitive and writers are struggling to get their content out there fast enough to keep up with the competition. If you find yourself in this situation, maybe it’s time to turn to technology for help.

AI writing assistants have been growing in popularity because they offer a fast, easy, reliable way to speed up the writing process for all types of writers. If you write any type of content either for organic content marketing, blogging, or as a content creator for online publishers, then AI writing assistants can provide a lot of benefit to your workflow.

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An AI writing assistant is an application that offers a variety of features and benefits to help writers produce content fast and improve the quality of their work.

These tools typically do so by offering editing, proofreading, and writing assistance features. This type of tool helps writers who are looking for a faster way to improve the overall quality of their work, and in a timely manner. It’s easy to see why this type of tool is gaining in popularity when it comes to assisting with writing, editing, and proofreading.

If you’re looking for more information about writing assistants, this article will cover what they are, how they work, who uses them, and how to use these tools effectively.

For freelance writers, the most common AI writing assistant is a spell checker. This is typical because a good spell checker can help writers avoid making simple grammar mistakes that might give away a lack of expertise in the subject area being written about.

What AI Writing Assistants Are Available?

There are many different AI writing assistants available today. Some are free to use, while others have a premium subscription that gives users a wider variety of features.

There are also some that come as part of a bigger writing toolkit that has features beyond just spell checking and grammar checking.

The most popular writing assistants in terms of popularity are Jarvis and Grammarly. These are both easy to use and include some of the most useful tools a writer can find in a single app. While most people use these applications, there are a few others available.

Jarvis AI

Jarvis is an AI writing assistant that helps you write high-quality content using an easy-to-use interface. With Jarvis, you can create original content that ranks for SEO.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and effective AI writing assistant, look no further than Jarvis.

You can create original content with this tool that ranks well for SEO, and it’s very user-friendly. Jarvis works by creating original content based on your needs, interests, and keywords.

You can use the built-in search box to enter a phrase that interests you. Jarvis will then give you a list of suggestions for ideas that fit your criteria. After you pick one of the suggestions, Jarvis will then offer up other words or phrases that can be combined to make the idea stronger.

Jarvis is powered by a large database of information, so you don’t have to worry about running out of topics to write about.

While AI writing assistant tools like Jarvis actually aim to write AI-generated content for you, I wouldn’t let the robot write the content for me. Instead, I would suggest that you use it for what it’s meant to do – a writing assistant!

Too many people try to rely on these AI writing tools to write their content for them. While tools like Jarvis does write unique AI-generated content for you, it’s important to make sure that you’re still putting in the time to create original and high-quality content, with the human element.

Use these AI writing tools to help speed up your writing as they can help you get over writer’s block and generate ideas that can boost your creative juices for a faster writing process.


Grammarly helps you create grammatically correct content. Its features include grammar checking, editing, plagiarism checking, and more.

Unlike Jarvis, Grammarly does not help you write articles but is just as important because it allows writers to get accurate, high-quality work done quickly by checking for spelling and grammar errors as you write.

Unlike many of the other AI writing assistant tools available, Grammarly actually gives advice as you write, which is perfect for editing and proofreading. You can get started with Grammarly with a free account that offers basic spelling, grammar, and style features but if you’re serious about publishing the best-written content that you can; you can take advantage of all the paid features for as low as $12 a month.

How Can Writing Assistants Help You Write Faster?

AI writing assistants basically have two important functions:

1. Generate Content Ideas, and

2. Improve Writing Quality

One of the challenges most writers experience is writer’s block. You know, that moment when you stare at the blinking cursor for too long and you can’t think of anything to write. This lags the writing process, and AI writing assistants like Jarvis solves this problem by generating possible content ideas for you. Again, I wouldn’t suggest that you let AI write your articles for you but would definitely use them to improve your writing at AI speed.

What Is the Best Writing Assistant Software?

There are many different writing assistants available in the market today. Each one offers its own features and benefits that make them the right choice for many people.


When it comes to content production, Jarvis is my top pick. Jarvis can help you generate high-quality content based on keywords and phrases that you input into the title, content brief, and keyword field. 

While not perfect, Jarvis helps you write long-form articles faster than when you’re writing on your own – as they said, two heads are better than one!

As an experienced writer, you may not have problems writing 2,500 to 5,000-word articles but as you may agree, churning out high-quality articles at a consistent rate may be difficult and is an easy way to burn out.

Utilizing Jarvis as your writing assistant makes use of artificial intelligence (as your second brain) to put out more content ideas, and at a faster rate.

Jarvis will help you generate possible content ideas when you’re at your wit’s end. Based on your keywords and content brief, and generates unique content that you can then edit to meet your own standards and writing style. 

Jarvis has read 10% of all the content on the web up to 2019; this was Jarvis’ core database, what I observed about it and other similar writing tools is the need for your to fact check as AI tends to invent facts and shouldn’t be relied on when it comes to facts that’s why you should only use it to help you write and not rely on it to write for you.

With that said, it goes without saying that you should know how to write yourself when using AI writing tools like Jarvis.

If you’re interested in testing Jarvis, you can use this link to claim 10,000 credits when you sign up.


Grammarly is a popular AI writing assistant that provides many of the features that are expected in such an application.

It’s free to use and has a premium subscription that can provide many additional features. There is also an option for using the service through a web browser if the writer is not comfortable with using a mobile app.

One of the most useful features is the ability to have the service check your writing for grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and other issues while you are writing. This allows for immediate feedback on your work as you write so that you can fix any mistakes before the writing assistant has finished helping you.

Another advantage is that Grammarly has a good web interface that allows writers to access their accounts and make edits while working from a desktop computer.

This is also an excellent choice for writers who want to try out the tool without purchasing it. 

How Do Writing Assistants Make Writing Faster?

As mentioned, there are a humongous amount of AI writing assistants. I personally use two, one to help me write (Jarvis), and one to check for grammar and spelling errors (Grammarly).

Jarvis helps you write faster by using AI to generate sentences and paragraphs by simulating the direction of your article based on your content brief and the already written paragraphs; in fact, it can write on its own if you let it but I wouldn’t suggest this approach.

Use it against writer block, use the ideas presented, then write your article – I’m just not ready to let go of the human element as the output can sometimes, be gibberish!

Grammarly, on the other hand, checks for writing errors as you write. When you hover your cursor over the identified error, it pops up writing suggestions that you can just click to utilize.

These two AI writing assistant software makes writing faster.

Writing with AI technology does make writing fast, and fun – it’s where the human writer collaborates with AI technology for improved output.

I know that a lot of people promote AI content generators as stand-alone Robo writers, and rightly so, because the creators of these SAAS (software as a service), position these products as such but as I mentioned earlier, you as the writer/publisher should know how to write first, otherwise, you’ll end up publishing substandard content, with fake facts that’s not really helping out your readers.

Can AI Replace Writers?

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On this occasion, AI is certainly not replacing the writer. Instead, it is a tool that can be used in tandem with a writer to help them complete the task faster and more effectively. It is also a tool that can help people learn how to use writing skills they may not have had much experience with previously.

AI technology can also be used in areas that don’t require writing skills. It can be used in creating videos, designing logos and other marketing materials, as well as for the creation of 3D models. However, you are still going to need someone who is creative, intelligent, and experienced in that area to provide the final product.

One of the major drawbacks of many of these writing assistants is that they don’t support languages that are not in English. If you have a document or article written in another language, you will have to find a tool that supports those languages or find a translator who can assist with the editing process. This can be a time-consuming task.

What Should You Look for AI Writing Assistants?

Writing assistants can make it easier for writers to accomplish their tasks. They can make the process faster, easier, and more effective than it was before.

The problem is that not all tools are created equally. In order to get the best assistance possible, you are going to want to ensure that you are using a tool that will help you accomplish your goals.

You may also want to consider a tool that is used by other writers to get an idea of what you can expect.

what to look for with ai writing assistant

Final Words

This article was written with the help of ClosersCopy, which is an online tool designed to help writers with content creation and copywriting.

With this tool, you can get your article, product description, blog posts, etc. ready for publishing in minutes.

I hope you learned something today about how AI technology can assist in the writing process. It’s not something that should replace the human element, but instead, it can assist in the writing process by taking on some of the load that may be overwhelming.

I also hope this article helped you to understand the difference between AI writing assistants, which assist with the writing process, as well as ones used for editing your written content.

Do you use any writing assistant tools? What are your thoughts on AI? Let us know in the comments section below. 

AI Writing Assistants Mentioned in this Article

1. Jarvis

2. Grammarly

3. ClosersCopy

***Publisher note: This is a test article using ClosersCopy to evaluate as to how it compares to Jarvis. It goes without saying that this content is not 100% AI generated but was written with AI aid.

As of the moment AI writing tools such as Jarvis and ClosersCopy can’t generate factual content like statistics, amount, and events should be fact-checked so as to deliver good quality, and factual content to your readers. Other than that AI content generation tools are helpful against writer’s block!

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