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21 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches and Product Ideas

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When it comes to high ticket dropshipping, there are a lot of different niches you can choose from. But which ones are the best? In this article, we will rank and review 21 high ticket drop shipping niches that are perfect for online eCommerce entrepreneurs.

High ticket dropshipping is the high-profit version of traditional drop shipping. You basically dropship expensive items instead of the usual China-sourced items you sell between $15 and $49.99. With high-ticket drop shipping, you only focus on “high ticket” products, priced around $500, which allows for a much higher profit margin compared to selling lower-priced items.

Why High Ticket Products?

There are a few reasons why selling high ticket items is a great idea for online entrepreneurs. First, high ticket products tend to have higher margins, which means you can make more money per sale. Second, high-priced items usually convert better than low-priced items. And finally, high ticket dropshipping allows you to build a more successful and profitable business with fewer customers.

So now that we know what high ticket dropshipping is and why it’s so lucrative, let’s take a look at some of the best high ticket niches to get started in today.

Top 21 High Ticket Dropshipping Niches:

Home Furniture:

The home furniture dropshipping niche is a high-ticket dropshipping business model with very high margins and equally high eCommerce demand. As you may know, homeowners are always in need of new furniture every couple of years. Starting off a high-ticket, branded dropshipping furniture store that focuses on a single home furniture product line may be your ticket to penetrating the furniture retail industry without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on furniture inventory.

Home Decor:

Home decor is another high ticket category that continues to grow in popularity. People are spending more money on home decorations than ever before, making this an ideal niche for high ticket dropshipping.

As of this writing, the average price of home decor is between $300 and $500. That’s a high ticket item that people are happy to buy, and with the right marketing strategy, you can easily sell home decor off your eCommerce website on a consistent basis.

Home Improvement:

The home improvement niche is another high-ticket drop shipping category that’s ripe for the taking. Home improvement projects are high-profit, high-margin products that range between $500 and $3000 per product.

If you’re looking for high ticket dropshipping niches to start a business in the home improvement industry, some of the top niches include lighting fixtures, wallpapers & murals, plumbing tools & equipment. Also included are high ticket items such as home security systems, garage doors, and openers.

Consumer Electronics:

The consumer electronics niche is another high ticket category that’s growing in popularity each year. People are always looking for the latest and greatest gadgets, making this a perfect high-ticket dropshipping niche.

This high-margin industry is estimated to be worth $343.34 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7%, making it one of the most lucrative high ticket dropshipping niches on the market today.

Vehicle Accessories and Parts:

Accessories and parts for vehicles are another high-ticket categories with a lot of potentials. There’s always demand for new car parts and accessories, and with the right products, you can make a lot of money in this niche.

Bicycles and Parts:

Bicycles are becoming more popular every year, and as the market continues to grow, so does the opportunity for dropshipping bicycles, parts, and accessories. Cycling enthusiasts are always ready to spend in acquiring new gear, accessories, and parts, making this a great niche to explore.

Camping and Hiking Equipment:

Camping and hiking equipment is another high-demand category that you can use to make high ticket dropshipping sales. Camping, hiking, and outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for new equipment and accessories that will help them enjoy their favorite activities more.

Skincare Products:

Skincare products continue to be one of the most popular high ticket niches in eCommerce today. There’s an endless variety of high-quality skincare products available for high-ticket drop shippers, including moisturizers, facial cleansers, toners, masks, and more.

Home Gym Equipment:

With gyms still closed due to COVID-19 restrictions around the world, there has been a huge increase in demand for high-quality home gym equipment like treadmills or elliptical machines. This is a high ticket category with high margins that you can capitalize on to make some serious profits.

Fine Jewelry:

Fine jewelry is another high-ticket item that always sells well. People are willing to pay a lot of money for high-quality, beautiful jewelry, making this an ideal niche for high ticket dropshipping.

Wall Art and Paintings:

People are spending more and more money on wall art and paintings these days. There’s been a huge resurgence in interest in this type of decor, making it the perfect niche for high ticket dropshipping.

Home Appliances:

Home appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and washers and dryers are always in high demand. People are always in need of new appliances, making this a great high ticket niche to explore.


Toys are high-ticket items that people are always looking to buy whether it be for their kids or for themselves. Kids love high-quality toys and parents are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality products from trusted brands. Building an online toy store retail brand is no simple feat but not impossible. The online toy retail business industry is a high competition and high returns game. Going too wide on your selection, may not be the best way to build your online dropshipping store but starting a specialty store focusing on collectibles and high-priced toys may be a good idea.

Baby and Kids Furniture:

The high demand for high-quality baby and kids furniture is also on the rise as more people have been having babies during the pandemic. Parents want to make sure their children have high-quality items that will keep them safe, healthy, and happy, making this one of the best high-ticket dropshipping niches around.

High-End Kitchenware

Kitchenware is high in demand all year round but what makes it even better is the fact that some of this high-end cookware can be priced at over $500! Yes, you read that right – there’s a market out there for high ticket kitchenware and you can build a successful dropshipping business around this niche with proper research, time, patience, and a little bit of hard work.

Sporting Goods

While not everyone is a professional athlete, did I mention that a lot of people spend on expensive sporting goods as a hobby or exercise? You can start a branded sporting goods store that dropships sporting goods and even include some sporting equipment in your product line.


Clothing is another high ticket item that many people are willing to pay a premium for. You can start an apparel store that dropships both men’s and women’s clothing. Be sure to research the latest fashion trends to give your customers what they want. Like any other successful dropshipping store, try to avoid products that are already sold on your local big box stores and Amazon. In the clothing niche, try to search for artists and artisans who create products that aren’t mass-produced.

Surfboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and Kayaks

People spend lots of dollars on their hobbies! Paddleboards, kayaks, and surfboards are high-ticket dropshipping products you can sell to beach buddies. While these products may not sell year-round, you can earn a whole year’s income between spring and fall and focus on other business activities during the winter months.

Health and Fitness Products

The health and fitness industry is booming, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the high ticket drop shipping niches you should consider starting your business in. There are plenty of high-priced health and fitness items that people are more than happy to purchase, such as treadmills, home gyms, yoga mats, protein powders, etc. Just be sure to do your research to find the right products to dropship.

Kids’ Toys and Clothes

Parents are always looking for high-quality kids’ toys and clothes, so this could be another high-ticket drop shipping niche you want to consider starting your business in. There are many different types of children’s stores you could create, such as a toy store, clothing store, or baby boutique.

Luxury Watches

People have been buying luxury watches for centuries and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Watches are one of the most popular high-ticket items in the world, making this an ideal niche for high-ticket drop shipping.

Baby Products

Another high ticket drop shipping niche you should seriously consider is the baby products niche. New parents are so excited when they have a new baby, and many of them are willing to spend a high ticket price on high-quality products for their kids.

High Ticket Dropshipping FAQ

What Are The Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches?

The most profitable dropshipping niches are home furniture, home improvement, home gym, home appliances, jewelry, and sporting goods and equipment.

You may have observed that most high-ticket dropshipping products are large, bulky items. Yes, people buy washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators online nowadays, and shipping may be covered by your supplier’s markup so you need not worry about shipping and returns as long as you find reputable high-ticket dropshipping suppliers.

Is High Ticket Dropshipping Profitable?

When done right, high-ticket dropshipping can be a profitable endeavor but like any other worthwhile business venture, you shouldn’t look at it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Treating any business as a real business is the key. When you treat your business seriously, you know that a business venture does require work and that it will not make you rich overnight.

You will also need to invest a start-up capital because even though you’re not buying and stocking up on inventories, you will need to market your website to attract potential customers to your store and the fastest way to do this online is via paid advertising.

A lot of people have found success with high-ticket dropshipping by advertising on Google shopping and remarketing via Facebook ads.

In a perfect world, all the suppliers you’ll approach will happily stock and dropship products to your customers on your behalf but we don’t leave in a perfect world. Finding suppliers that will sell you products at wholesale prices without requiring MOQs or minimum order requirement is often the toughest task.

Market research is the key to finding these suppliers; once you’ve found your niche, take time to research and study other websites that are selling similar items. Most of these websites don’t stock inventories in their warehouse; as an online merchant, your job is to attract customers to your store and sell them your inventory – stocking up on inventories with no proven sales strategy is the fastest way to bankruptcy, especially when you’re selling high ticket products.

So, instead of trying to flip products from Home Depot or Walmart, take the time to reach out to real wholesale suppliers who are willing to have a dropshipping relationship with your online store.

Wrapping Up

High ticket dropshipping is a lucrative business opportunity for online e-commerce entrepreneurs. It’s a high-reward business model but has its own share of risks.

What attracts many new eCommerce entrepreneurs to the dropshipping business model is the idea of running a business without having to carry any inventory. By finding high-ticket items to sell, you can make a lot of money with very little investment. In this article, we’ve listed some high-ticket drop shipping niches that you can start your business in. We’ve also provided some tips on how to find high-ticket suppliers and how to market your store.

The key to minimizing the risks involved in a high-ticket dropshipping business is in having a solid business system from marketing, order-taking, and fulfillment. Order tracking is a very important component of any dropshipping business, be it low-ticket or high.

One couch lost in the male for example would cause a big dent in your capital; a proper dropshipping system avoids this kind of mishap.

There are a couple of ways how you can build your dropshipping e-commerce, and if you haven’t done so, you may consider using Shopify.

Shopify allows you to build a fully-functional eCommerce store at 1/8 of the price you would normally pay a developer to code your shop from scratch. There are also a lot of Shopify apps you can add to increase customer conversions, repeat purchases, upsells and you can integrate freight forwarder apps such as UPS and DHL (if you’re providing shipping), otherwise shipping and tracking may be provided by your supplier.

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I hope that this article was able to help provide some answers and point you in the right direction of your high-ticket dropshipping journey.

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