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Hello and welcome to Tycoonmag.com!

TycoonMag.com is a business and entrepreneurship blog created for entrepreneurs by a practicing entrepreneur.

My name is Ramon and I have been a full-time financial advisor and entrepreneur since 2013.

As a chronic entrepreneur, I’ve tried so many business ideas in the past, some worked, some didn’t.

This blog aims to publish information that will hopefully help you become a better version of yourself because as an entrepreneur, in order for us to achieve more, I believe, we have to be more.

We are in a constant battle with ourselves and the limiting beliefs we try to overcome every day that we go into the battlefield.

You know you can’t achieve something if you feel that don’t deserve it.

Most people live their lives thinking that they will never amount to something great. As a result, they don’t!

People with such low regard to what they are truly capable of achieving, don’t go that far.

This website is for those who may be in the lowest low of their lives but they are stubborn enough to give up because they know that they are destined to achieve something great.

Tycoonmag is like an online magazine for entrepreneurs. It’s like a print magazine (an indie one) created for freedom fighters like you and me, for those who know that there’s more to life than simply showing up for work, five to six days a week.

A Tycoon, by definition, is a magnate, a wealthy business person but most of the magnates you’ve looked high upon were at some point, dreamers with an unstoppable will to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Being a tycoon is not a matter of material possession, it’s a mindset. A tycoon is a person who is certain of what he (or she) wants and what she is capable of achieving.

Business isn’t all blue-skies and beds of roses; as an entrepreneur, you will actually work harder than when you’re working at a job.

I have been self-employed since 2013. No, I’m not a guru of some sort but I managed to stay off the 9 to 5 grind since I got laid off. That was the time when I made a decision to never work for a traditional job setting ever again.

Working for yourself is hard but I guess it’s a matter of preference and if you’ve ever read The E-Myth; you’ll know what I mean.

But then again, entrepreneurs are a different breed, we’re willing to endure all the challenges and ordeal of trying to survive as a business owner than to actually work for someone else, to the extent that we work harder on our businesses than a job and yet make lesser money.

After awhile, you’ll realize that it’s actually not the money since you may be better compensated at a job and will have a predictable cash flow to add to it then when you’re trying to start a business of your own.

For me, personally it’s about control, flexibility and time freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, I do respect other professionals and skilled men and women who prefer the comforts of a stable job than the adventures of self-employment or entrepreneurship.

For them, starting a business is a much too risky venture than working at a job.

Bottom line… it’s what you prefer to do for a living.

I’ve always wanted to start a business ever since I was younger but not until when I actually got laid off that I took the plunge into changing my career and income source.

Instead of looking for another job, I’ve explored my entrepreneurial options and have started a practice in financial advisory, which I still do up to this day.

Now, you might be wondering as to why I’m publishing this blog; online marketing has always been my passion and I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being able to sell stuff and attract leads online.

I’ve built and published my first website in 2009, which I sold in 2011 before immigrating to another country.

I have dabbled with marketing online on and off after that but I never really was able to focus because I was busy with my main gig.

This blog will be a culmination of the things I’ve learned with my entrepreneurial endeavors and ideas.

Hope you enjoy your stay!